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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Leopard Scarves

Ok I have been into these for a couple years now but need to do a post about them at long last. I LOVE these scarves. They are a greta investment piece and I have to say they are one of the most used items in my wardrobe and I get tons of wear out of work and at play. They are very fragile so if you will die if you get a run in them ...they may not be for you. The thin cashmere is actually part of the appeal to me because they are so lightweight and flowy and not a heavy cashmere which allows you to style it many different ways. They are a nice way to add some animal print to your outfit without it looking trashy in the way that leopard pants or a dress might come off.

Attached are some photos and links to celebs/socialites in the scarf in various colors and a photo of my own collection which includes the very hard to find red from the first collection. If you can find one, Vuitton is currently selling the brown, violet, and anthracite (grey). Find them at (visit through the Banner at the top of my blog!), or your local Vuitton boutique (who will probably tell you there is a waiting list so you are better of stalking the websites first).

Carlos Falchi copying Devi Kroell??

I was browsing some Exotics on today and noticed these Carlos Falchi bags which look very similar to my fav Devi Kroell hobo. What do you think? I own the Devi in silver python (had a bronze also but sold it to splurge on something else!). I LOVE her bags and want it in several more colors. If you can catch Devi bags at her sample sales in NYC you can get a major savings off the very high retail price. The Devi Kroell hobos are shown in silver and purple python. The other two are the Carlos Falchi bags. You can find Devi Kroell bags on her website.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tod's New Restyling D-Bag Media, Lily at eLUXURY

Here is a beautiful everyday leather tote by Tod's in a yummy raisin eggplant shade of purple. I would prefer this bag with a leather lining personally. You can buy it at eLuxury via the link below:

Marciano Anastasia in Spice Multi Fabric

Colorful fun new shoe with embellishments by Marciano available at

Fuschia Ostrich Mulberry Bayswater bag at Net-a-Porter

Can't afford a 5 figure ostrich Hermes bag? Well consider the more affordable and equally gorgeous ostrich Mulberry Bayswater bags. You can find this amazing fuschia color exclusively at Net-a-Porter. See link below:

Exclusives at NET-A-PORTER.COM

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Victoria Secret - Designer shoe looks for the budget fashionista

Who doesn't need to cut back a little in today's economy? No need to sacrifice on style though! Victoria' Secret serves up these Christian Louboutin knockoffs for what would probably be just the cost of tax and shipping alone on the real deal. Vicky has been knocking off CLs pretty regularly lately. I have noticed they have removed the red soles though. Probably got a call from Louboutin's lawyers :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Manolo & Christian Louboutin Knock-offs

Knockoff of the silver Manolo Sedaraby


Nemo by Pelle Moda at

Christian Louboutin knockoffs

Scorpio by Pelle Moda at

A copy of the Louboutin Jolie

Pelle Moda seems to be on a copying frenzy.

And Oh Deer is at it again also...sans the red soles. Here is their copy of the Louboutin Mad Mary.

Sweetie by Oh Deer! at

Note that I'll be missing in action for a little while as I am getting married and need to focus on the wedding planning in lieu of the blogging. See you all again soon!

Looking for fuschia shoes?

Christian Louboutin Fuschia Very Brode pumps $1095 at
I am kind of relieved that they are not available in size 42 or I'd be tempted.

Beverly Feldman Women's Bravado Slide

Cute shoes by Tibi - the fuschia Heathcliff Ankle Wrap Sandal

Amore by Ralph Lauren Collection at

Amore by Ralph Lauren Collection

Christian Louboutin's flat version of the Mouche in fuschia. Love it!

Need flats? Look no further than the Jessica Bennett Harbor in Fuschia Satin

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Christian Louboutin Passementerie Pump

These shoes are just hotness!!!! Ok, the price is out of control but these are just amazing. They feel like you should be doing a Spanish ballroom dance or something with a red rose in your hair. Available currently for pre-order at I got these beauties and had to send them back...the toe box fit was way too tight despite my efforts to squeeze into them. Too bad there was no larger size for me to move up to because these were too hot. Maybe I can get some custom made one day in a size 43!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mariah Carey weds in Christian Louboutin

She notes that a great thing about the groom is that he is tall so she can rock her high heeled pumps because she is so not a flats girl.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back from Paris! Christian Louboutin shop pics

Sorry for the delay in posting. Between wedding planning and a trip to Paris, I've been a busy bee. Of course a lot of visiting Paris is about absorbing the cultural sites but you know it is all about the fashion and shopping as well! I have much to report.

First, I'd like to share photos that I took at the Christian Louboutin boutique at 19 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau during my trip to Paris. I was hoping to find something unique or to see if they had the hard to find size 42s. I asked the SA if it was worth going to the other shop for and she didn't think it was as they had about the same selection. She only had 2 pairs of 42s in the store...very plain styles. The styles that were out on display were nothing special that can't be easily found in the US. The SA concurred that I have access to everything they sell there and probably more in the US. So shopping for Louboutin shoes in Paris was not an exciting highlight of the trip. I got lost finding it the first day I tried because the road splits and the part of Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau that I walked down the first day was higher numbers.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sequined flats by Louboutin and OhDeer!

Want a flashy festive evening shoe but are are not feeling like 4 inch heels? Looking for a shoe to change into after dancing for hours in stilettos that you can slip in your purse? Looking for a shoe to change to at your wedding reception to give your feet a break from heels? I have the perfect solution in the new sequined flats that are out now by a variety of designers. Of course Christian Louboutin has his version which are $880 at Neimans and Bergdorfs if you want to go high end. If you are seeking the look in a more affordable brand without Louboutin's trademark red sole...try the $110+ Oz style by OhDeer! brand. I opted for the cheaper version and find them very comfy and true to size. Zappos did not have my size 11 so I had to go to the source at the OhDeer! website. I may just have to get these in black sequins as well.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Chanel 2.55 bag - new metallics for Spring 2008

One of the iconic Chanel bags has been revamped this season in metallic shades of dark silver, gold, purple, navy blue, black and red. Another 'dark silver' was released last year that has more of a bronze tone to it versus the new one which is more of a pewter/anthracite. With waiting lists that were filled before they even were delivered to stores...count yourself lucky if you find one. They come a range of sizes from the very small which would be great for evening bag use to the gigantic extra large or Jumbo size (my personal favorite) which has plenty of room for everyday use. The sizes vary in price so this bag can be had from the $2000s to approx. $3500 for the largest. In the past this bag has also been available in dark gold, white, gray, black, black patent, gold and light silver.