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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sequined flats by Louboutin and OhDeer!

Want a flashy festive evening shoe but are are not feeling like 4 inch heels? Looking for a shoe to change into after dancing for hours in stilettos that you can slip in your purse? Looking for a shoe to change to at your wedding reception to give your feet a break from heels? I have the perfect solution in the new sequined flats that are out now by a variety of designers. Of course Christian Louboutin has his version which are $880 at Neimans and Bergdorfs if you want to go high end. If you are seeking the look in a more affordable brand without Louboutin's trademark red sole...try the $110+ Oz style by OhDeer! brand. I opted for the cheaper version and find them very comfy and true to size. Zappos did not have my size 11 so I had to go to the source at the OhDeer! website. I may just have to get these in black sequins as well.

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