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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Fendi Twins Tote

Ashley Olsen has been seen toting around the most gorgeous vintage Fendi tote in alligator or crocodile for some time now. Well as a vintage piece is no longer available (except in some lucky closets or consignment shops somewhere) fashionistas everywhere created such a demand for this tote and Fendi heard their pleas and rereleased it (though slightly modified) in leather.

Humdrum beige, gray, black, brown and navy blue shades were/are/will be readily available at stores like, and and a pink/plum or rose color was also available in some locations around the world for about $1630 retail. Now a lipstick red version is available and it has a detachable shoulder strap! That strap must be expensive because it is now selling for $1890 at The navy blue is on preorder at Saks and beige is on preorder at Neiman Marcus/Bergdorf Goodmans and both also have a shoulder strap and are priced at $1790. I guess red is so hot it commands an extra $100? I haven't seen any online stores carrying the electric blue color with a shoulder strap that is shown in the photo on what appears to be a model.

As Fendi always ends up in sales bins after the season ends (and sometimes during the season to some early buyer's dismay), you can find some colors on sale at for about $1200. I think this will be Fendi's latest success since the Spy bag and baguette....I rarely look at Fendi bags but this time they have a winner. I bought the pink one (well I bought two of them and have one for sale on my Bonanzle and eBay sites) and found a black vintage shoulder version of infamous crocodile/alligator tote (see my next post). I dumped my metallic gold Fendi spy bag earlier this year so now the vintage croc shoulder bag and the pink tote will be the only Fendi's representing in my collection. Unless I cannot resist the lipstick red :)

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